Clean Light Hand Soap

Norovirus, a highly dangerous virus that cannot be killed by alcohol- based hand gel, can be prevented by washing our hands properly and thoroughly with soap in for 20 seconds as directed by U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Aiming to raise the awareness of the length of time we should spend washing our hands, Zantiis created Clean Light Hand Soap, a soap bar that blinks for 20 seconds to make sure we wash our hands long enough.
Clean Light Hand Soap caught the attention of social media. People started talking about how long they clean their hands. Our video clip demonstrating a proper way to clean our hands within 20 seconds boosts engage rate of Zantiis Facebook page up to 1700%. This simple innovation was used as a health education tool in schools and was selected as 1 of 7 shortlists from National Design Innovation Contest 2017 (DIC).


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